Food Pantry Box and Website Created By Navod Jayawardhane 



About The Food Pantry Box

Envisioned in December 2018, the Food Pantry Box was created in order to provide a location for people to anonymously donate and receive canned items. This self-service food box has space for 50 cans in its rows, as well as additional space for larger items. What makes this box special is the electronics inside, which allows users to remotely keep track of inventory. Whenever a row gets low on cans, an alert is sent out and the row can be refilled.

Media & Awards

After first installation, the Food Pantry Box has received recognition from several media publications and other sources. 



Creating the Food Box

From December 2018 to June 2019, the first Food Pantry Box went through its development from concept to final product.

Jefferson Valley Mall

The First Food Pantry Box

In June 2019, the first Food Pantry Box was installed at the Jefferson Valley Mall in New York.


Future Plans

The second Food Pantry Box is under development with many improvements to the design. Stay tuned for more updates.



Everything required to create a Food Pantry Box

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